Patient Safety

Our highest priority is to keep our patients safe while they are in our care. Here are some of the ways we work together to keep our patients, their loved ones and our employees safe.

Infection Control

Hand hygiene is the most important factor in the prevention of the spread of infection. If you are visiting your loved one, please wash your hands or use the sanitizing foam attached to the wall near the doorway, when you enter the room, after using the restroom, before leaving the room and each time you come and go from their room.

If you notice your care givers or physicians not using hand hygiene, you have the right to remind them to clean their hands.

Fall Prevention

Some patients will need special attention to protect them from a fall. They will have a yellow magnetic sign posted on their door identifying them as at risk for a fall. If you are visiting your loved one, please be aware that the patient will need special attention to be moved. Please check with your loved one's nurse or CNA before helping them move about the room.

Air Born Precautions

Some patients will have illnesses that can be spread through air born contact and special precautions will need to be taken for visitors and staff. We provide notification of this with a sign on the patient's door and with yellow protective clothing covers and a facial mask. Please help us keep your loved one safe by adhering to this important safety protocol.

Sweet Home Murrieta - Employee Handwashing Video

We are so passionate about good hand hygiene that we made our own video! See it here.