Cardiac Rehabilitation

LLUMC-Murrieta offers a robust Cardiac Rehabilitation program designed to empower patients to make lifestyle changes that help them live fuller, healthier lives.

Although it may be difficult for patients to begin a cardiac rehabilitation program when they are not feeling well, the rehabilitation process may be very beneficial in helping patients overcome fear and anxiety, and to return to an active lifestyle with more motivation and energy to do the things they enjoy.

Our cardiac rehabilitation program is a wellness program focused on lifestyle modification, including exercise, nutrition and education. Exercise is monitored and supervised, which guides patients to increase cardiorespiratory fitness levels and exercise safely at home.

Education includes a three-point system with practical information on stress management, nutrition, and heart health. At the end of the 36-session cardiovascular health and wellness program, patients leave with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to take control of their lives and experience a higher quality of life.

We ask patients to check with their insurance provider for coverage information.

Physician referral is required for participation in the program. Make a difference in your life and ask your cardiologist if cardiac rehabilitation is right for you.

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